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the airstream

Jet 65 is a vintage Airstream trailer that has been converted into a traveling hair styling and makeup salon.

This trailer was made in 1962, here in California. Because of that we wanted to embody mid-century touches with a fresh and contemporary feel. These Airstreams are crafted unlike any other trailer: the curved edges, light-weight towing, and streamline design.

The Airstream has electricity, water, A/C, heat, and natural lighting. It measures 24-feet in length with a covered outdoor setting, built for relaxing while waiting for your appointment.

Being owned and operated by cosmetologist Nicole Ruiz, this trailer is made to fulfill your most glamorous beauty dreams. Here, you are pampered with a team of professionals, while enjoying the convenience of being steps away from your location.


the owner

I believe your look can be a reflection of yourself, your creativity, the person who you strive to be, and the mood you want to embody. I hope to create, share, connect, and inspire a fresh perspective when it comes to beauty and confidence.

My name is Nicole and I am the owner and lead stylist of Jet 65. As an artist, I love turning your vision into reality. From an early age, I knew that cosmetology was the career for me. I have an appreciation for our history, our environment, entrepreneurs, and unconventional ideas. I value self expression, self reflection, action, family, and gratitude. 

Since receiving my license in 2012, I have dedicated my work to events and weddings, as well as being behind the chair. I have worked side by side with top artists in the industry holding education and collaboration very high. I am certified and specialize in many services: airbrush makeup, film/bridal hair & makeup, theatrical makeup, color theory & services, haircuts, tape tab extensions, and hair styling. 

My career has been a big part of my life and personal mission. Through hair and makeup, I help others feel the best in their own skin. I value the power it has to heal, encourage, and elevate my clients. It is a great responsibility and honor to provide these services.


Thank you for being here.


the name

"Jet 65" is a loving nod to my grandparents, "Jerry and Thelma".

My grandmother Thelma came from a family of beauticians and barbers. Her parents' careers kept her family alive and well during the Great Depression. When she was a young girl, her family moved from Iowa to California for a new life, where she eventually met and fell in love with my grandfather.

My grandfather Jerome (Jerry) was my cheerleader when starting my career as a cosmetologist. His parents immigrated from Armenia to the United States to escape the genocide before he was born. This courageous sacrifice allowed them to start a family in California.

I wanted a catchy name that represents my roots, that fits the era of the Airstream, and that represents mobility. "Jet" checks all the boxes. "65" is a hybrid number of the year the Airstream was made (1962) and the year my grandparents were wed (1945). 

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