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Preparing for

makeup services

For all services, please come with your face clean and free of any other face products. We use airbrush and most moisturizers and/or sunscreens do not sit well with the product. We have sunscreen that will work with our line. 

If you are allergic to any ingredients in makeup please inform our team and be sure to bring your own products that do work. Feel free to bring what works for you and we will apply it.


Preparing for

hair services

The prep of your hair plays a huge roll in how it will hold the day of. We have amazing products to help with your prep that are included in all Airstream package pricing. Follow the regimen advised and please arrive with your hair clean and 100% dry (unless receiving a blow out).


For hair Extensions, this must be booked ahead of time with an up-charge. This takes extra time to install and style. 

With services without the Airstream, we have products available that you can purchase ahead of time for your prep.

Please follow the above info when arriving and note that if your hair is wet, it will require extra time and fees to blow dry before styling. 




It can be overwhelming when picking out a look, but we are here to help.

When looking for inspo, make sure you're looking at images with your own similar hair length, density, texture, and color. Make sure for makeup, you're looking at your eye shape, lip size, face shape, and skin tone. Colors, shapes, and depth all play a part and will look very different on different people.


Our team is here to guide you if you need additional advice or ideas.

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